Make money Online Transcribing calls

QA World Transcription Online Jobs

Are you looking for ways to make some extra money from home? Well, in this post I have explained how to open a transcription account and make money in the comfort of your home. QA World offers you a chance to work from home, with flexible timing such that you can schedule the days and hours you want to be on the platform, with zero pressure.

What is QA World?

If you are wondering what I’m talking about, QA World is a platform where businesses and companies around the world submit their phone calls for transcribing. So, upon registering you become among the analysts on the platform and make money out of it.

How to open a QA World transcription account?

Simply, visit, sign up by filling in your name and email address. You will receive a video to transcribe as a test for your grammar. Once you pass the test, just proceed to the next page, read through the policies and fill a quiz to confirm that you read and understood. In addition, you will find the guidelines and tutorials to help you transcribe the calls and receive a high ratings. Everything you need to know is on the site and you can always revisit. They will send you an invitation email with a link to a call for you to transcribe and get started once they have checked your work.

How does it work?

After a successful application, you will need to log into the site and be ready for tasks. When a call appears you will click on it to start transcribing. Listen and type what you hear without overthinking or under-thinking. Upon completion, go through the work again to confirm you did everything as expected. Click on the submit button and that is it. Work on as much calls as possible to make more money. When you visit your profile you will find a section with all the calls you have completed, with their rating and amount earned in each.

At first you will have to be patient for calls to appear. You will also earn just a little amount, but if you are serious and submit 20 transcripts with a rating of five, you will move to the next level, where you will receive more calls. This can take less than a week! Putting more effort will allow you to keep going up the ladder.

How much does QA World charge?

For every one minute transcribed you earn $0.2. However, the amount earned vary with the difficulty and quality of the call. You can earn more or less. Moreover, once you submit more high quality transcripts, you earn bonuses. For instance, if you transcribe 400 minutes of high quality calls within a week you earn an additional bonus of $7.5.

What means do QA World use to pay?

QA World pays their analysts via Paypal. The payment checks in every week on Wednesday for all the rated calls. You receive a payment for all calls submitted and rated by Monday. There is no minimum amount, if you make $0.5 it will still check in.

How much money can one make with a QA World account?

You can earn as much money as you can. This will be determined by your availability on the platform, the number of calls you transcribe per given period and the quality of your work. The more you are on the platform, the more calls you deliver. More effort, more money!

15 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a day that shows the celebration of union between a child and his/her mother. The day is celebrated on the second Sunday of the month of May, annually. This year it will be on 9th,May 2021 in many countries, the occasion takes place as a special day to remember and honor the significance of a woman as a mother in the society, although it is not a public holiday.

Well, that having been said, many are looking for ways to offer special appreciation to moms. Note that this day comes once in a year, so if you’ve not yet made up your mind try now. Whether you are far or close to your mom there is always a way to celebrate and put a smile on their faces.

You can go with the most affordable option to you. Gifts are good, but the magic is in the way you do it, because you can buy an expensive wine for someone, then it ends up they don’t do wine. That would be such a waste.

So, when buying a gift consider several factors such as the status of your wallet, the health condition of the person you are gifting, their hobbies, their current needs, what they like, among others.

A cake is a gift that any mom would be happy to receive. On this special day treat your mom with her favorite flavor.

Bouquet of flowers

Imagine your mom busy as she is, waking up to a bouquet of fresh flowers at her door, hmm! Giving someone flowers expresses love, affection or appreciation in the most elegant way. Flowers touches lives of those who receive them.

A gift Card
Gift cards are magical. They come in different prices making it less of a hassle to get one. You can get a custom or personalized card for your precious mommy.

Jewelry are long-lasting, which makes them a brilliant option for a Mother’s Day gift. They are a valuable and awesome manner of keeping memories. You can gift her a bracelet with her name on it or a lovely message.

Kitchen utensil set
Moms cherish their kitchen. Helping her spice it up with a new set of utensils might be the best thing you can ever do.

Custom engraved letter to mom
This can be in the form of a wall hanging table or an office décor piece. Also you can get a mug with some lovely words directed to her. Make it memorable.

Luxury skin care products
Women love their skin. Skin care products are an easy and amazing option. A skin care gift set is an amazing option.

Wall art
Wall art ideas for a Mother’s Day gift range from a single wall panting to a collage of family photos. You have a lot of options to choose from.

Throw blankets
Throw blankets make such a thoughtful present especially during cold weather. They are good indoors and outdoors wear depending with the size and material you choose. Everyone loves a soft and warm feeling, either while relaxing on the couch or going to get groceries on a cold day.

Fitness equipment
Some moms may not have the time to out to gym or running due to various reasons. Getting them a gym running machine, for instance can bridge the gap.

Make your mom feel celebrated on a Mother’s Day by buying her a chocolate hamper. You can add it to a bouquet of flowers, skin care products or a cake.

Decorative mirror
This could be a very unique gift for a special day. There are variety of designs and sizes of decorative mirror. Look for something that would look appealing on her bedroom or living room wall.

A nice book
Women often forget to take some time off. Always on the go. I believe a nice book would be a helpful trap. Either a nice novel or mother’s self-help or inspirational book.

Luxurious purse
Nothing can be more elegant to gift a woman than a nice handbag. Every woman owns some purses, but a luxurious or designer purse takes the game to another level. If you cannot make to gift her a nice purse this season, at least add it on your budget somedays.

Photo album
A photo book is charming and always brightens someone’s day. You can take some time to customize an album with printed family photos. You portray special memories and that obviously means a lot to a mom. You may want to leave some space for her to place in some more when she desires.

These are just some of the basic items. You can go an extra mile and appreciate her I a big way. Leave a comment let me know what you think about the list.

Freelance writing jobs online in 2021. Beginner guide for online writing

If you are researching how to start online writing you maybe having a lot of questions right now. Probably, you are not sure where to start nor whether you have gathered enough information to get you started already. I’m here to answer a ton of those questions.

Yes you can start freelance writing job online without experience and yes you can make money through online writing at the comfort of your home.

Personally, I started freelance writing like a year and half ago and before that I had tried registering to a bunch of different sites where I submitted samples and never got approved for any of them. Some of the reasons were because I had no clear idea of how to go about it and I thought that you just do it on your phone. You are going to need a computer or a laptop for this.

In my experience while starting freelance writing job you may require someone to guide you through. Freelance writing sites are in demand and if it was that easy to join one and just start making money we would all be making money online. These sites require a certain level of qualification and they will ask you to provide official documents. If you are in college and desire to make some money while still studying, you may not be able to provide such evidence.

Fortunately, online writing has become very popular nowadays and it is very easy to find someone to direct you on the same. For my case I went through a short training of a week on basics. After that I started looking for people who were looking for writers.

First I reached to a friend of mine who was already in the business and he gave me a link to a WhatsApp group of writers, where I found a blogger who needed someone to create articles for her site. First I informed her that I was just starting and she guided me on how to go about it.

Since I started I have worked with several employers and I have learned through each one of them. Sometimes different employers require different styles of writing. This means you need to be ready to learn to qualify as a good writer.

The most reliable way to connect with writers who can train and hire you is through people you know and through facebook groups. Almost everyone has a facebook account and if not its free to create one. Look for freelance writing, article writers, blog writers, online writing account or any other related terms.

Connect with people and learn how things work. Do not rush to buy an account until you can deliver work yourself. If you don’t deliver the desired quality for a particular account or meet the requirements of a client you may get penalized. Clients can write bad reviews for you and that will hurt your business.

You can still open a brand new account, provide the required information and go through a test which you have to pass to qualify in many sites. To avoid scammers you need to find credible freelance writing sites.

Some of the most popular sites include upwork, iwriter,, problogger, textbroker ,, fiverr among many others. You can also buy an active account from recommended brokers or have them open an account for you at a fee. Be aware of scammers.




There are things you must have before starting freelance online writing job. One of them is a computer to help you format, edit and store your data. Microsoft word is the most popularly used software in typing and saving professional documents.

You also need a reliable internet and a browser. These are the must have requirements in freelance writing.
Don’t be shy to reach out to them, they were also in your position.

Another thing is to allow yourself to learn, ask questions, research on the internet, and listen to what others have to say concerning online writing as a source of income.

You might come across much helpful ideas because freelance writing is a wide field. It encompass writing blogs and articles for companies, reviewing products, academic writing, proof-reading, transcription, data entry among others.

Happy Hunting!

6 Benefits of Writing a Journal

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you are struggling to recall something important, but you cannot? I would recommend you start writing a journal. Journals are a good way of tracking daily events and keeping record of some creative ideas as they pop up.

What is a journal?

A journal is a form of personal record keeping for a particular day. It is a reflective kind of writing where you write your insights, ideas, questions and reflections. Journaling offers a flexible way of writing because you decide how to structure your journal with colors, photos, cut-outs and sticky notes. There is no given number of words to write in a journal. You can record your events and ideas in any way you find fit.

What should you write in a journal?

You are free to write everything in your personal journal. From your everyday goals to your achievements. Write down your feelings, issues, stresses and new ideas as they occur. Record anything that is worth recording.

Importance of writing a journal

The benefits are countless, but in this article, I will share with you six benefits.

It helps keep track of your goals

Writing down your daily goals makes it easier to achieve them. When you record something it’s easier to remember than just having it in your mind. Also, you will be able to revisit them and see how much you’ve achieved, how much is remaining, what failed and what is next. It also help in developing future goals.

Journaling reduces stress and anxiety

Putting down your emotions on a paper allows you to brain-dump issues that may have accumulated in your mind. This alone sets you free of anxieties, pains and disappointments. As a result, this helps you get time to think and come up with solutions to those issues. Simply, journaling helps you live better.

It enhances self-awareness

Journaling provides a great way to explore and find ourselves. Through all the recorded emotions and feelings, as time goes by in your analysis, you can tell what makes you happy, angry, sad, motivated, and your likes and dislikes. With this information you will can weigh different circumstances and help develop yourself. Simply, jouraling opens a door to self-discovery.

It promote willpower and self-discipline

Journaling allows you to be creative with your goals. Pin some awesome quotes, draw some emojis or create a collage. It helps you write down declarations and stay positive throughout the day. This will excite you about your goals and make you ready to pursue them. Also, you will be motivated to keep up with your to do list and discard bad habits.

Improve memory

Ours brains are likely to create stronger connection with written information. So, when you learn something and write it down the brain stores it and makes it easier to retrieve in future. When you make journals with your friends, it is almost a guarantee that you will never miss your date or forget to take your vitamins.

It improves your writing skills

If you feel as though your writing sucks, start keeping a journal. The good side of it is that it’s personal so however you write it’s okay. Through the practice of recording your truths you will improve your writing skills.

6 Best Ways To Clear Your Face

Skincare Routine for a smooth Skin

Just like babies, our bodies need special care – especially the face. The face is part of the body that is so exposed to many unconducive conditions, such as solar radiation, polluted air and touching with hands that are not clean.

The face has the most oil glands and if the pores get clogged, they result in breakouts. Other causes of breakouts and acne include hormonal fluctuations, genetics and allergies.

You may require to consult with a dermatologist to examine the cause of your acne. However, below I have written down several skin care tips to check to prevent acne and give you a smooth face.

Wash your face twice a day

By the time the day ends you get home pretty tired and probably the only thing you want to do is eat and sleep. Well, I need to remind you that your face is wasted too from the makeup you use, and dirt.

Your skin needs to relax and rejuvenate. Before you retire to bed use your two minutes for a bedtime skin wash routine to get rid of the dirt and accumulated oil. This will leave your skin pores clear and breathing.

Apply some moisturizer to hydrate the skin while sleeping. Repeat the same routine in the morning before starting your day.

Moisturize your face

Your face needs not be thirsty. Even if you have an oily skin, look for the recommended moisturizer
to keep your face hydrated and smooth. Leaving your face dry may cause more breakouts or make your skin oilier.

Choose your products wisely

Face products include cleansing products, toiletries and makeup. While purchasing any of these products, choose products that will not clog your pores with oil.

Go for products with the label “nonacnegenic” or noncomedogenic which means that the product is oil-free. Skincare products with this label are lighter and do not clog the pores. Also, remember to clean your brushes to avoid bacteria and germs that may form over time and get to your face.

Change your pillowcase regularly

A dirty pillowcase/pillow can cause breakouts. Cover your hair while sleeping to avoid the hair products from transferring to your face through the pillow.

After shampooing your hair make sure you wash the product off your face. Also, while applying the hair products, shield your face because these products contain oils that can clog the pores and contribute to breakouts.

Be gentle with your sweet face

While cleaning your face use the right products. Avoid harsh products such as the soap you use on your clothes, hah! Use a soft piece of cloth to gently scrub your skin. Use sunscreen to protect the face from the harsh UV rays. Use a generous amount while in the sun.

Stop touching your face and popping the pimples

Throughout the day you are in constant contact with bacteria and germs through the places and things you touch. Then later in the day you rest your chin on your unwashed hands while reading a novel. This way, you transfer all the germs to your face.

In addition, popping the pimples will not only transfer bacteria from your hand, but also risk infecting other areas of the face.

Bonus tip !

Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are proven by dermatologists to clear breakouts and prevent reoccurrence of acne. Moreover, if you are following an acne treatment, stay consistent.

Also, I have a video showing how to use aloe vera to remove pimples.

Choose To Live Your Dream!

Never settle for less

While growing up, every child has big dreams and careers they desire to pursue in future. However, most of us have decided to take whatever comes, which I believe is a terrible decision to even dream of. Playing small have cost many peoples far much than it would have cost them pursuing the life they wanted. In the end, people sit and reflect in their later years and their hearts fill with regret and self-accusation. Consequently, they lose their purpose in life and the meaning of life, which quicken them to the grave.

1. Self-fulfillment

Quenching inner thirst or desire is a powerful tool in personal growth. When you seek to satisfy what you desire you create lots of meaningful moments because you pursue what you are capable of, which creates better alignment between your work and personal lives. Therefore, when you seek self-fulfillment, it will help you live the happiest life.

2. Confidence and self-esteem

Your level of achievements is the greatest factor that determines your self-confidence. When you succeed in attaining your targets, you feel the power and the capability you own and you feel proud of yourself. As a result, your self-esteem (sense of personal value) as well as your confidence (believing in your abilities) increases. High self-esteem and personal confidence helps interact with your environment with fewer struggles. Therefore, it is high time you pursue your big dreams.

3. Achievements

When your friends are boasting of things they own, places they have visited, you do not want to lag behind. In fact, humility is on another level when you have the best and you know you worked for it. In addition, you need to have something to tell when all you will do is sit and someone else serves you. Achievements buys respect, loyalty and overall satisfaction.

4. Freedom

Everyone desires to have freedom, but you have to fight for freedom to achieve it. According to Robert Frost, freedom lies in being bold the courage to pursue your goals, the courage to try, the courage to start over, the courage to remain positive and the list goes on and on. So, be bold and go for it because we are never settling for less.

5. Greater opportunities

With nothing, you will attract nothing and the more you have, the more you attract. What this means is that you need to wake up and pull yourself up the ladder to your dreams. The truth is success can be difficult to attain and many people get discouraged, but again successful people keep on succeeding. This is the reason why I am going to stand up to this difficult part and when it is over I will live more than my dreams. So will you if you are with me. I believe you are, if you read up to this point. Let’s Go For It!

You deserve the best!

On a journey to nursing my back; come along!

The spine plays crucial and sensitive roles in our bodies. Among these roles are support and body balance, protect the nerve roots, spinal cord, and other internal organs. Additionally, the spine gives the body its structure as well as enabling flexible movement. Therefore, as essential as the body parts are, we must ensure they are well attended especially when it comes to the spine. If you have not experienced backache or back pain you have heard a friend complaining about it.
Below there are several ways to protect the spine;

Lifting objects, the right way.
One could seriously hurt their back while lifting weighty objects, especially during workouts, during manual chores among others. The researchers advise that while lifting an object you need to: stand very close to the object, then apply pressure on the legs and knees rather than the back while lifting. Practically, you are supposed to bend the knees to ensure the arms are in the same height as the object. Ensure your back is straight and head down. Finally, don’t risk lifting too heavy objects.

Take a good night rest
After spending a long day walking and working its good to have enough sleep. This allows the spine and the overall body to rejuvenate and restore the worn-out tissues. Moreover, sleeping positions matter a lot. The advisable positions are either on your back or on any side. On the other hand, sleeping on your stomach is a bad idea and unhealthy for your back. Additionally, someone with mild back issues could use a pillow placed under the knees while sleeping on their back and between the knees while sleeping on the sides. Finally, have enough time to sleep. Infact, anyone experiencing back pain trying out these sleeping habits may relief the pain.

Right posture
Right posture exerts the minimum strain on your joints and muscles. A poor posture like slouching results in muscle tension can cause back issues. Learn to check your posture while walking, sitting, or standing throughout the day. Some of the tips of a good posture include ensuring your back is straight, shoulders relaxed and slightly pulled back, head level, use a chair that allows our spine to rest, among others. Summing up, make sure to watch your diet and maintain a healthy weight.

Stay active
Avoid being glued in the same position for a long period. For instance, you may consider taking frequent breaks while working-and lean back on your chair. Moreover, standing up if you’ve been seated for a while or if you’ve been standing you will need to walk around. Lastly, scheduling different tasks at hourly intervals will serve the purpose.

In conclusion, water is an essential factor for tissue hydration. Drink enough water (8 glasses is the recommended amount).
On It. Let’s do this!


Make money from home with these Side Hustles

People are always looking for ways to improve their financial situation. An extra source of income can help you build an emergency fund, create capital to start a business and pay off your loans.

There are plenty of options to choose from while looking for a side hustle. There are some that you can manage online or even offline to keep your finances flowing from all sides. While selecting a side hustle job ensure it’s something you’re passionate about. I would not add an annoying task to a 9-5 job. That can be overly draining and you may find yourself unable to keep up with that kind of pressure, and end up dropping it.

Below I have created a list of side hustles that you can do at home or during the weekend or even as a full time job.

1. Sell products online

Selling products is among the easiest side hustles you can start. It requires lower capital as compared a physical shop. This is because you will have your products with you at home and you will not be paying (additional) rent, and you don’t require a big stock for display or something. As a result, chances of risk are lower and good profit is incurred. You can create a Facebook or Instagram shop or just promote your products on you social media pages and there you have your business booming with just a few steps.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting online retailers’ products and getting paid per referrals. To make money through affiliate marketing you require to have a high traffic to increase on the number of sales since sometimes you only earn a small percentage per product bought. All you need to do is place the referral link on your website and make sure the products you are promoting are related to your content, such that your audience becomes your potential customers.

3. Rent out extra space.

If you have extra space to rent out in your land or your house you can do so and create yourself a passive source of income. All around the globe, people are moving and looking for places to settle whenever they visit particular locations. You can rent a part of your house. For instance, if your children are all grown and have built their own house and you are left with a lot of unutilized space, you have a chance to make money out of it.

4. Teaching English online.

With a bachelor’s degree and a reliable internet connection you could make up a fulltime job teaching English online or as a side hustle. Some sites require you to have just a good command of grammar, such that if you pass their tests you are qualified to teach through their online platforms.

Some of the company that offer such jobs include Magic Ears, Englishunt, TutorABC, VIPKID and many more you will find across the internet. English is a popular and professional language used in most countries around the world. Almost everyone wants to have some knowledge in English is willing to pay well to acquire the skill. 

5. Become a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager.

If you are great with social media algorithms and have knowledge on increasing engagement on various platforms, you can just start your side hustle as a Virtual assistant, social media manager, a consultant or even all of them. You can manage both business and personal accounts and create and schedule content, carry out admin tasks managing emails and customer service, or just auditing accounts and advising the owner on the strategies to apply. If you desire to do this kind of a job and lack the skills, you can just apply for an online class on Udemy and the likes.

6. Freelancing

Freelancing is a sort of independent profession where you can work remotely and get paid after a project is completed. It can be challenging initially, but once you sharpen your skills and get good reviews, you can make a very good amount of money. If you need proof, visit Fiverr and search a skill and see for yourself. There are all kind of skills including copy writing, translating, logo designing, video editing, programming, creating websites and many more. Some other platforms where you can create an account include Upwork, QA world and Freelancer.

7. Running AdSense

For you to make money from ads, you require an active website, an app or a YouTube channel. So, you first step will be creating one, if you don’t own one, then create content to generate traffic enough to earn you money. After that you can visit various platforms to apply for ads.

Good luck securing one.

Rewrite your Fears.

Defining FEAR and Living with it.

I have been afraid for a very long time. Very afraid that I might be doing the wrong thing or doing something the wrong way. If you’ve ever had a breakup with someone you love, I’m sure you have had the fear that if you get into another relationship, it might also fail. Probably, you no longer believe in love anymore. Sometimes you dream of it but cannot try because of fear, which came through your first relationship.

We all have been afraid. There are times we are afraid of what will happen if we do this or that. How will it feel? What if I get hurt? What will be the outcome? What will people say?

You find yourself in dire need for something and you even see the possibilities of that particular thing working out – meaning there is hope. But at the same time you are nervous… afraid that it might work? Your fears grow even bigger. What’s is it going to be like?

For instance, you can apply for a scholarship and have a strong feeling it will go through, but then get afraid of leaving your family. You can wonder whether people will accept you in a foreign country. Like, how will I speak? Oh my accent, and any other issue you can think of that triggers the feeling of lacking control.

We have given so much power to fear that it has become our enemy. Fear is supposed to keep you safe, but it has the potential to prevent you from working harder. Fear can lull you in your comfort zone. It can make you do what has popularly been done to produce common results. Remember, you are supposed to change the world, and make it a better place to live. That won’t happen when you are only doing what people have been doing.

Again, I remind you that you are unique. You have a great calling in your life, a purpose to pursue. Don’t let fear make you lock your dreams in the closet, waiting for the right time. Waiting till you make enough money. Till your children go to school so that you can start that business.

Looking back to when I was young, I was fearless. I wanted to do great things when I grow up. Take a moment, look at your childhood… that fearless boy/girl you were. Things you told your mum you would do and become. Things you promised your dad.

That young child is not stupid. He has faith – he knows it’s possible. You listen to some of them now and for sure many have become just but fairytales. But at that age they are very sane and so were you.

The biggest question is, “What changed?” When did we lose the faith? What is the transition point? Where is the line, the place we closed and started perceiving things different?

The more you know, the more careful you become when trying your luck, leave alone taking risks. You are told, “so and so did this and failed.” Others say to be a doctor you need to get an A. Some experiences you go through are unfriendly and your brain records then as a no-go zone. All this dims your faith and you start working with what works – being realistic.

Researching, analyzing facts, weighing the probabilities. Drawing conclusions based on people who failed without asking why they failed. You take that in and you label it IMPOSSIBLE. Fear registers.

To change the world you need to be different in what you think and how you do what you do, beyond what is popularly known. It is equally important handle your fear.

Have you ever entered a room and found something that scared you? For a moment, you stop breathing and stay still. Everything literally stops when fear kicks in. Until we are assured that we are safe it’s hard to move forward. That’s what has made your comfort zone your safest place to be.

Fear is your friend and it’s supposed to propel you. For instance, someone who keeps adding on weight and is afraid of becoming diabetic may go for fitness classes to prevent the worst from happening. Fear makes people take additional courses to gain skill over something they wish to pursue, find coaches, or go for therapy. That’s a good thing.

Ask around, the most successful people you see have done some of the things they did while afraid. The hack is accepting your fears and having enough courage to pursue your dream. Do not let your fear overpower your ‘WHY?’

So, grab your fear (doubts, insecurities and questions) in one hand and your passion (courage and motivation) on the other and take control. “Yes, I feel afraid, but I need to do it anyway.” Take the driver’s seat and use the fear to direct you to what you need to do the job, not to stop you. Jump into your greatness. Live your dream and write yourself a nice story.

Life presents us with choices, since everything is available to us. After understanding what you need to get to the place you want to be, the next question is where to find it. When you figure that out, you will be way ahead.

Let your WHY be bigger than your fear, take control and dive into pursuing your dream. Explore the most beautiful version of you. Claim your opportunity to your purposeful future.

I will be so happy, if you find a minute and type something on the comment box. I want to know what you think or believe about fear.

How to gain followers on Instagram in 2021

I am that person who has a million blogs and a bunch of videos on how to gain followers. I started my current Instagram account back in 2019, and for that whole year I only managed to get around 160 followers. Around March 2020, when the pandemic hit, I wanted to have a better profile. I really wanted to be able to make money with my account. So I started researching all these tips on how to grow my Instagram account fast.

Now I’m at 7k followers and I have done two paid promotions. My ultimate goal was hit 10k, but other things got in my way and yes I still want to get to 10k. Instagram is a powerful platform for businesses and almost everyone is looking for ways to get more followers. Probably to make more sales or get to the point of monetizing their accounts.

I will be sharing with you how to increase followers for free on your Instagram account in a way that will boost engagement too. Especially if you seek to increase your audience for your business, having an engaging traffic is the key thing to focus on.

How to gain organic followers on Instagram for free

1.Optimize your profile

Have an identity. People will click that follow button if they are attracted to what they see. They have to see something before they make the decision of following you. So, you need to ensure that you have a quality profile photo, decent username, have a bio that resonate with you and makes sense to others and have some posts on your profile grid. Make them as appealing as possible. You can visit some of the accounts like yours and learn from them.

2. Post consistently

Posting at least three times a week helps your account to grow. This happens through the level of engagement on your account. As the level of engagement increases, the Instagram algorithm pushes your account to new users who might like your content.

3. Utilize all Instagram features

If you really want to grow, make sure you use everything within your reach that can contribute towards growth. Post on stories, on your profile grid, use IGTV, post reels and create nice highlights for your stories. This will boost engagement in your Instagram account and increase the chances of the algorithm suggesting your profile to other people.

4. Create video content

People spend more time watching video content than still photos. Posting videos on your profile will increase the level of engagement. If you happen to visit the explorer page you may have noticed that the posts there are not necessarily from accounts you follow, but the kind of content you interact with. In addition, videos are less competitive as compared to photos, thus, increasing their chances of winning more eyeballs. So, spice up your profile with some more videos too, not just photos.

5. Post high quality photos

No one will be enticed by blurry images or videos. It’s upon you to capture the best images and videos possible. You can use some application or software to spice up your images. Accompany your photo with a quality and engaging caption. Call your audience to action, for example, by asking a question or so.

6. Post when your followers are online

If you have a business account you can check the insights and be able to see which day and time your followers are more active on Instagram. If you have a personal account you can just change that in your account settings. The insights can also help you analyze your content and see what kind of content attract more engagement and maximize on it.

7. Interact with accounts in your niche

Engage with accounts within your niche in terms of following, liking and commenting on their post. This will increase your visibility to the right audience, especially when you leave a quality comment. Turn on post notifications on some of the successful accounts so that you can receive a notification, and be among the first people to comment to boost exposure.

8. Post on your stories daily

Some people don’t get a chance to engage with feeds, but Instagram story is where people tend to share their day to day stories. Unless you click you will never know what someone has on their stories. It makes me curios, and the moment I start watching peoples’ stories it takes some much energy to stop. That increases engagement a lot. Using videos works wonders.

9. Using hashtags

To gain organically on Instagram, it is recommended for you to use the less saturated hashtags in your niche. That means you need to do some research. When I am looking for something, let’s say a product like a pair of headphones, on Instagram, I always use hashtags to find the best image, and then I can visit the profile with that product. Use as many hashtags maybe up to 25-30.

10. Use latest feature on Instagram

Instagram favors the accounts that are being creative with a particular feature that they just released. For example towards the end of 2020 Instagram release reels and guides. Many people have really changed the game on their accounts through reels on Instagram. And if you are really serious about growing your account this is your chance. Remix use the reels again and again.

All the best growing your Instagram account in 2021. Leave a question or a comment.